What to Wear


Anything you want. But to offer some helpful advice:


Newborns/toddlers: tighter fitting clothes rather than looser. For example a onsie or cute nappy cover. If you have cute favourite outfits feel free to bring them along and we will help you decide. Any special handmade outfits or items are encouraged. During a newborn sesssion we will also take some nude shots which will not require any clothes at all.


Small children: A favourite outfit of the moment always looks cute. jeans and a shirt  or a little sundress. Bring a few outfits and we will help you decide - it's always good to have a solid colour and a more patterned outfit.


Older children: Either let them decide or go for something simple, a t-shirt and jeans. Don't force your teenager into something they do not want to be wearing. We welcome celebratory prom outfits.


Adults: Simple and clean cut. Shirts, polos anything with a nice neckline. We usually recommend solids for a more consistent look. Patterned outfits stand out more than solids.


Group shots: All families are different. Some ideas for group shots: all jeans and white or black shirts; all jeans and different styles of shirts but in shades of the same colour (ie. light blue, royal blue, dark blue); not matching at all - all members wear whatever they want; girls in pink and boys in blue; or the same shirt on everyone but in different primary colours.


Please note that for children of all ages (and that includes adults) we will ask that shoes and sock come off - this includes tights in many situations aswell. The reason for this is that socks do not photograph well and that bare feet look much, much cuter. Adults please prepare - even if the sessions focuses mainly on your child we will still sneak you in for one or two shots!