Cake Smash

Everyone's talking about it, sharing their pictures, but no one is asking what is a Cake Smash?


Cake Smashes are our absolute favourite sessions to shoot in the studio. Why? You take a perfectly decorated cake, put it infront of your 1 year old and let them smash it and take pictures of the whole thing.


A Cake Smash is a brilliant way to celebrate your little ones first birthday. It's often their first taste of sugar. We capture all the moments, from the first hand into the cake, to their expression when they feel the icing on their fingers and the priceless moment when cake meets face!


A Cake Smash isn't about posed family portraits, or siblings, or co-ordinated outfits. This is a special time for the birthday child to have all the attention on them in a carefree relaxed atmosphere.


The logistics? Get a large cake covered in icing. Bring in one birthday outfit that won't be messed up and one outfit that will definitely get messy (usually this is a nappy). We start with some portraits to get some smiles and then we change outfits to explore the cake. Some children crumble it, some smash it and others bite it and land up with a huge sugary grin. Some are not so sure - either way, the photos will be like no other capturing your one year olds spirit!


We are very flexible and would love to photograph your child, so please drop us a line to discuss all the options! Below are the standard packages that we offer:

Booking Fee ~ £45

To secure your Cake Smash Session there is a £45 booking fee. Products start from as little as £125.



What's included? 

Optional pre-studio session personal consultation via phone.

Up to 1 hours photoshoot including parents and siblings.

Viewing session approximately 3 weeks after the photoshoot of 20+ edited images.

Choice of an extensive range of photographic products and/or digital images.

Private online gallery.