Your Session

What to expect >>


At Clear Shots Photography we understand the importance of capturing lifes special moments. A new baby, a new puppy or maybe a milestone in your life. Our aim is to make it easy and affordable to take portraits of ALL these moments.



In the studio >>


Our sessions are generally, between 1 hour to 4 hours long depending on the type of photoshoot you require. We typically shoot on white, grey or black backgrounds - but we sometimes mix it up with other colours.


We shoot with a handheld digital camera allowing freedom and movement to interact with everyone on a personal level. During the shoot we may make funny noises or do silly things to make you child smile. If you make noises then your child will look at you first and not with the camera. So when the time is right we ask that you do this behind the photographer.


Out of the studio >>


Generally the times and the way we shoot the photographs are exactly the same as a studio session. We tailor all our sessions to fit the client and get in contact beforehand to discuss any fine details.


Viewing and purchasing the photos >>


After you session in the studio, you will  be able to arrange a viewing appointment. This is usually a week after the photographs are taken. At the viewing appointment, you will view a short slideshow of your images. Then you will be able to decide on which portraits are your favourites. We have a wide range of products from, canvases and digital prints to choose from. We strive to produce high quality images without the high price tag.



Sharing the photos >>


After the viewing appointment, we will provide you with an online gallery with a password for you to view and share with family and friends. You will also be able to buy more products if required.