Baby Photography in Chesterfield

One of my favourite times to photograph baby photography sessions is from three to four months on-wards. It is best when your baby is just starting to support itself on its tummy. At this period in their lives they are alert and engaging, perhaps even cuter and funnier than when they were newborns.

I just love photographing baby’s at this young age, capturing the unique personalities and comical little ways that make these small characters so special. Baby photography is timeless. It’s one of those amazing moments in our lives that we want to preserve forever. Like all parents, I love getting my photo albums out and reliving those priceless memories.

Like my newborn sessions the whole experience is very relaxed. You can take as many breaks for comforting and feeding as is needed to keep everyone happy. Young baby’s will soon let you know when they have had enough, and from experience an hour is plenty of time.

Clothes are best kept simple. Try to avoid stripes and patterns. As a rule darker colours on the bottom and lighter ones on the top. Jeans and plain tops always look good for Mum’s and Dad’s with bare feet for the little ones. Usually within a week after the session I will have everything edited and ready for viewing. I would expect to present you with between 20 to 40 images.All images are re-touched and any flaky skin or blemishes removed.

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